From the very beginning I asked her for going out
her presence made me feel good
It was not the first time I had trouble getting out of bed
after his chest was thin blouse

Babe, tu amor ya no me interesa
and is always late
at that time what you were everything to me
I'm sorry, I do not want anything from you

When the patio, watching you secretly
Your friends saw it very clear
but never in yo miraste was nothing to you
Silly not know everything you've missed

Babe, tu love me interested in
and is always late
I had a hard forget your perfume
Sorry, we have made major


Sometimes one can not help you revive old passions. Especially when 10 years later, without eating or drinking, she comes back and this time is for you. I guess for solitude or with intent to sublimate impulses outstanding teens. Anyway, now it's too late, I thought ... Or maybe not?


(coming soon)