I'm sick charged for back and front
assets in my account seems to be extra
I have no more stories about the recession
should be in prison

Sick of life let me currar
today we have no exit swallow
what is it if you charge the Visa fee
should be in prison

Your money will play in just a roll
and the minimum you might bend the nail
Case is doubtful pension status
should be in prison

all dance very happy at the end of the day
adding dividends today we suck!
do not send more brochures please I ask
should be in prison

Traicionaste to your friend is in the pity
tonight has left your worst version
money you've sold to your condition
should be in prison

I do not have more stories about the recession
should be in prison


Things always look clearer from outside. When you discover that although only partly responsible for your destiny, no one will avoid what awaits you if you do not move. This song was written in Manchester (UK) during the cold winter of 2009, after a chosen exile from the land that impose one born and grow. A desperate escape unintentionally foreshadowing what was about to happen in Spain.


(coming soon)